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VKLiving™ Animal Family Garden Spring Decor Stakes

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Spring is coming now! what a beautiful season with the blooming and the lush grass. It's wonderful time for us to decorate our yard or garden!

But decorating garden or yard beautifully is not a easy task and will always spend us lots of time and energy.

Are you be upset that you have no idea how to decorate your garden or lawn?
Do you feel bitter that your yard or garden is so monotonous?
if there were more small animals living in your yard or garden, do you think everything will be different?

Let's take a look at these fun animal families decor!

This is a cat family. For cat lovers, this is the best choice. These cute kittens are frolicking and seem to be attracted by butterflies,so naughty and adorable!

This is a dog family. It's a excellent gift for dog lovers. Look! The dog daddy is watching his baby running around. how warm and lovely the picture it is!

This is the rooster and hen big family. Their insect-eating motions are so realistic that it's as if a flock of chickens actually appears in your yard. Everything will be vibrant!

Product Features

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: See the product diagram for details
  • Weight: 120G for one Piece 
  • Installation: Our garden art stakes insert easily into soft ground when using two hands for support. Be mindful of rocks and roots that may catch the metal stake, and adjust the depth as needed.
  • Shipping Infor: Processing Time(3~4 Days) + Delivery Time (9~15Days)